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Savills offers a wide range of specialist property services including investment advice, consultancy services and valuations through to sourcing sites for development and estate management. Through our advice and services we help clients fulfil their real estate needs – whatever and wherever they are.

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  • Our focus on value creation stresses maximization of sale proceeds through a dynamic, interactive process that constantly measures the relative merits of marketing the portfolio in its entirety, versus segregating it into a combination of sub-portfolios and individual asset sales.
  • Our approach expands the market and prospective investors for a portfolio of assets and ultimately serves to maximize the proceeds achieved by the client.
  • As with all individual asset sale assignments, we are rigorous in pre-marketing due diligence and underwriting in order to maximize pricing, add speed and certainty to the bidding process, and minimize the potential for post-contract price adjustments.

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Managing the Process

At Savills LLC our marketing of real estate portfolios focuses on creating value for our clients. We maximize sale proceeds by:

  • Employing an interactive process that maintains flexibility by offering assets on either a portfolio, a group of sub-portfolios, or as a mixture of individual and portfolio sales.
  • Rigorous pre-marketing, due diligence and underwriting in order to maximize pricing.
  • Identify and carefully select portfolio and individual property investors.
  • Minimizing the potential for post-contract price adjustments.

Financing Relationships

We utilize our financing relationships and expertise to obtain fully underwritten debt proposals from a variety of lenders on both a portfolio and asset by asset basis. Quotes can then be made available to prospective bidders. Bidders are under no obligation to use these quotes, their existence, however, will remove an element of uncertainty for them, allowing them to price and bid more aggressively.

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