Real Estate Related M&A

Savills LLC has particular expertise in this highly specialized area of real estate investment banking. We have considerable experience in real estate mergers and acquisitions (M&A) advisory work, Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) IPOs, institutional private placements and public and private company restructurings.

Specialist Property Services and Sectors


Mergers and Acquisitions


Our services in this area include:

  • Representing owners of operating companies seeking to acquire or merge with another corporate or partnership entity.
  • Advising private owners of individual properties or portfolios who wish to merge their holdings with an existing public entity.
  • Consulting with private owners who have the intention of taking their entities public on a listed or unlisted basis.
  • Assisting private owners or investment groups possessing real estate aspects with the acquisition of a public entity.
  • Representing public and private companies interested in evaluating strategic alternatives that include strategic portfolio repositioning, negotiated debt restructure and portfolio downsizing.
  • Representing public and private companies in privately placing large-entity level investment to provide funds for making the company’s balance sheet clean and growing the company’s platforms.


Maximize Value

We can assist our clients in maximizing value through a complex decision-making process by:

  • Undertaking an exhaustive due diligence and valuation analysis. 
  • Preparing a detailed analysis of strategic alternatives and structures with probabilities of success.
  • Preparing an analysis of the effects of a proposed sale or merger transaction on the value of the buyer or merger candidate and on the value of any public securities.
  • Developing an optimal transaction structure.
  • Conducting an extensive marketing campaign to search for a joint venture partner or entity level investor.
  • Actively representing clients in every aspect of negotiations, due diligence and closing.  
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